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Many times, when the family gets together, going out for a walk or a jog doesn’t come to mind – instead, many tend to think of going to watch a movie, shopping or eating out. While family time at the movies or an eatery can be fun, wouldn’t it be a better idea to inculcate a physical activity and fitness culture? especially for children to begin to see that it is an activity worthy of their time and effort and that it comes with many benefits.

Families who participate in activities to improve physical fitness, tend to be at a reduced risk of developing many kinds of diseases and are less likely to develop heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity and so on. They are also more likely to have a better sense of well-being, harmony, healthy minds and bodies!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few simple ways to develop a family physical fitness culture:

  • Simple activities done in the household such as daily or weekly chores is a good place to begin. Have everyone participate in chores with emphasis on getting the work done together and making it fun for the children.
walk on the beach
A family walk on the beach
  • Have a time schedule and specific goals for “family work out days” e.g. setting a goal of walking 2miles in 30mins every Sunday or Saturday morning or evening.
  • Try a change in scenery by looking for places that can serve as both relaxation spot and work out area e.g. the park.
  • Need something more interactive? Try gaming centers, outdoor combat or fun centers. This will definitely increase their interest and get them to participate.