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About Us

We talk about physiotherapy and its role in the prevention and management of NCDs .

Long story short

PAWS is an independent initiative that seeks to raise the awareness of physiotherapy and its role in the prevention and management of NCDs among senior high school students, workers in public and private enterprises, young adults and the elderly population in Nigeria.

There has clearly been only a limited penetration of the knowledge and awareness of physiotherapy and hence plenty of room for misconceptions, ignorant healthcare decision making, and a comparatively inefficient healthcare system.

Moreover, given a growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Nigeria, creating awareness and educating the public on the risk factors, prevention and multi-disciplinary management of this class of diseases.

Therefore, in a bid to capture the current state and promote the awareness of physiotherapy as a discipline and invaluable tool in the prevention and management of NCDs in Nigeria, the PAWS Initiative has been designed to achieve these through research and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and competencies of physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy is a branch of healthcare which aims to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout lifespan. Physiotherapy remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function and quality of life through examination, diagnosis and physical intervention.

As at 2015, the then President of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy, Mr. Taiwo Oyewunmi reported that there were only 4,000 physiotherapists in a country of over 150million people. This gives a ratio of 1:37,500 unlike Canada, for example, with a ratio of 1:1,750.

This is not to mention the massive brain drain the Nigerian healthcare sector has experienced in recent times. These figures only underscore the overwhelming inadequacy of these healthcare professionals in the country.

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